Dining & Café Furniture

ADR Event Supply provides dining and café furniture for your event needs. We off a variety of tables and chairs in all shapes and sizes. Painted on request to ensure it matches the theme of your event.
Our tables and plastic chairs can be used in a variety of settings and this allows you to choose any theme or layout you need. From smaller cocktail tables to larger beer benches and 10-seater conference tables, our extensive range has you covered regardless of the event, from a child’s birthday party to a very important product launch.
Weddings can be expensive and any expense you can save is a welcome thought. Our wedding chairs are of the highest quality, comfortable and not to mention affordable. We have a variety of types on offer, from plastic, to Stella and Zavier café chairs. Ensure your guests are comfortable on this important day.
ADR with its professional and experienced team can assist you with what you require.