Planning the perfect event for your clients can be undeniably stressful but it is certainly doable. Whether you are a wedding planner, a party planner, a social events planner, a corporate events planner or a planner of any other function, the goal remains- exceeding your clients’ expectations.

Event planning for the average person can be chaotic. Clients prefer events planners because they simply know better, are passionate about what they do and most importantly, they have the time for it. The success of any event largely relies on the Event Planner and their attention to detail.

There are many things that can make an event successful. The music, scrumptious food, breathtaking venue, meticulous decoration and in this digital age, a photo booth. This varies from person to person, but it is the Event Planner’s superpower to accommodate everyone with the given budget. For this article, we will be exploring the 5 basics of Events Planning.

The Client

The client is the most important person for any Event Planner. The reason for the existence of any Event Planning business is to help the clients make their dreams a reality. If the young princess wants a Snow-White, icy-themed party in sunny South Africa- make it happen! When the teenager wants to enter his 21st birthday party venue through the ceiling- figure it out! Whether you agree or do not agree with the client’s decorations preference, you must submit to their desires. While guiding the client is still professional, remember that they make the final decision.


Listen to your client. This is simple but the most important step in Events Planning. Pay attention to their ideas, the photos they show you and communicate with them extensively, even about the “smallest details”. Planners should not make assumptions about their clients because of your experience with other clients and experience in the industry.

Your clients’ budget is the second most important thing to consider. Match what they want with what they can afford. The matching may need you to know many different suppliers that cater to different LSMs in the industry. This can allow you to also be able to plan exquisite events at a reasonable price while offering quality service.

Heeding to your client’s wants, and even going the extra mile, assists with building a healthy and lifetime relationship with your clients. The benefits of satisfying your clients will lead to good reviews, referrals and lead to your business’ growth. Once you make that client happy, they will keep you as their permanent family Events Planner!


It is crucial to have like-minded and hardworking people on your team because Event Planning can be a very stressful yet thrilling task. All great businesses need committed and passionate people to support the vision. Make sure you have a reliable team that is innovative, skilled and willing to go the extra mile for the clients.

The suppliers you choose have a huge effect on the quality of service you provide and directly impact the reputation you create for your business. Therefore, choosing professional suppliers that provide good products and services for value is necessary. Cultivate profitable and long-term relationships with renowned suppliers.


The type of event will largely influence the location of the event. While the location and type of event will influence whether tents are applicable or not. Outdoor events will need some type of tents if no permanent structure is present at the location.

Tents help provide a peace of mind when it comes to the unpredictable weather that may spoil the event, like rain. Tents also protect the guests from the harsh weathers like the scorching sun and make the event more comfortable and pleasant by providing seating under the tents.

Stretch tents are free-form fabrics that are erected through tension. They do not need to be rooted on the ground like traditional pole tents, and thus, provide more flexibility.

Stretch tents can be set up anywhere, in different ways and need less manpower to set up and put down. These tents are durable and come in many different sizes and colours.

Marquee tents also come in different sizes but have a more solid shape. They take longer to set up and take down, and they are not as flexible as stretch tents. However, marquee tents provide more protection from weathers like rain, the sun and harsh winds. This ensures that the guests are fully protected in the tent and can have a good time regardless of the weather. Marquee tents also need level ground where they will be erected.

There are also other tents that you can consider when planning your outdoor events like pagoda tents, frame tents, gazebo’s or even your traditional pole tents. The type of functions that your company will be hosting will demand certain tents.

Whatever the occasion, there is a tent perfectly suited for it.



Every event needs food for the guests to indulge in. But simply having food is not enough. Firstly, take into consideration the food preferences, allergies and religious beliefs that govern the food your guest will consume. Secondly, the food must be delicious! Whether it be finger snack, starters, or dessert, ensure that your guests are served the best. Thirdly, if alcoholic beverages will be served, an alcohol license is necessary. And lastly, the food must be fresh.

If you are an Event Planner working with Catering Companies, ensure you get the best caterer for the food requested by your clients. Indian spicy food, African cuisine or a delicious Western dish may not necessarily be offered by the same caterer. Find the best caterer for your requested dishes and keep your guests banging the plates with their knives and forks.

Furniture and Decor

What’s a cocktail party without cocktail tables and high cocktail chairs? Does a lounge party qualify to be called as such if it does not have stylish couches, side tables, rugs and ottomans? Furniture acts as a place where your guests can get comfortable and talk or have a delicious meal on the dining table. Whatever the event is, the furniture must be comfortable for your guests.

There are other miscellaneous details that are often overlooked. An outdoor event in Winter will certainly need a mushroom heater or fire brazier, while a pool party might need Caribbean umbrellas. Ensure that your furniture choices don’t only match the type of event being held, but also matches the theme. Every single item, cloth, sequence and color of the décor items is important. Remember, the Devil is in the detail!

Finding a great supplier that will provide you with quality, stylish furniture will make the Event Planner’s planning job easier. Cheap chairs that will easily break sometime during the function are not only embarrassing for the guest, but an unfavourable reputation for the Event Planning company.

Mastering the 5 basics of event planning will definitely make any Event Planner stand out from its competitors. In fact, failing to satisfy any of the 5 pillars could make the whole event go wrong. The biggest reward for any Event Planning business is the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you contributed to having people smiling, laughter and have a celebration.

Event Planners are more than just planners. In fact, a more suitable title would be miracle workers, or even genies. They wear many different hats and can pull many different tricks. From a food critique, to being an interior decorator and working odd hours, they certainly deserve these titles.